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e offer a wide variety of HVAC products by top manufacturers. These include AERCO boilers and water heaters, International Environmental fan coil units and Sterling radiant heat and unit heaters. We also feature Temtrol custom coils, NuClimate chilled beams and rubber and stainless steel pump connectors.


Aerco Boilers

The AERCO series of high-efficiency boilers deliver the highest burner turndown and achieve the highest seasonal efficiencies in the industry.With sizes ranging from 399 MBH all the way up to 6000 MBH, we're able to meet almost every commercial and industrial boiler application out there.

All AERCO boilers come with AERCO's Patent Pending, Oxygen Level (O2) monitoring system. This monitoring system, designed to display the O2 level directly on the unit in real time, can also be remotely monitored via MODbus, giving customers the ability to monitor emissions and fuel economy without traditional combustion calibration devices.

Several of AERCO's boilers are half the size of other boilers on the market today. This provides high reliability with an unmatched compact footprint. By incorporating our field proven stainless steel fire tube design, we provide engineers, facilities managers and building owners with boilers that can fit in both retrofit and new constructions.

Aerco's Benchmark series of boilers, ranging from 750 to 6000 MBH, come standard with Onboard Boiler Sequencing technology. This technology is a flexible controller designed to maximize energy savings in modular boiler plants. The BST can stage and coordinate the operations of up to 8 boilers and is uniquely designed to maximize uptime reliability and the operating efficiency of condensing equipment capable of unmatched modulation.

The new AM series of boilers and water heaters feature multiple heat exchanger modules within a single packaged unit. This provides all of the advantages of a larger boiler plant, including high turndown and multiple-unit redundancy, while still keeping installation costs down and operation simple. By running multiple modules at low fire rather than one large unit at higher fire, the AM series ensures the installation is always running at its most efficient.

AERCO boilers support strict emissions control by employing a proven low NOx burner design and proprietary fuel system. The lower temperature of the exhaust temps also allow us to vent almost all of our boilers in PVC, cPVC or Polypropylene. The small footprint, high efficiency and lower operating costs can help facilities earn LEED points.

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Water Heaters from Aerco

Commercial water heating equipment that provides hot water on demand falls into the category of industrial equipment. Storage water heaters store and heat water in a temperature controlled tank. Instantaneous water heaters heat water on demand. Hot water supply boilers heat potable water. An unfired hot water storage tank stores water and heats it externally.

Our best selling steam-to-water package, the AERCO WaterWizard features dedicated sub-cooling capabilities for greater operating efficiency. AERCO's unique feed-forwarding monitoring system and fully modulating control valves maintain water temperatures between a precise four degree range under the diversified load patterns of commercial domestic hot water applications.

With a 90-99% thermal efficiency rating, the unique 2-pass helical coil heat exchanger design of these single wall heaters is self-descaling and produces sub-cooled condensate (< 160°F ) to preserve condensate return pump life. All units are compatible with low or high steam pressures and don't require a storage tank, trap or associated maintenance.

AERCO water storage tanks are designed for use with instantaneous water heaters and are ASME certified glass-lined pressure vessels. They offer consistent hot water during peak demand times.

They're available in stratified or accumulator storage configurations.

Aerco Water Heaters Commercial Water Heating Equipment Industrial Water Heaters Indiana Fink & Company

There are two AERCO traditional water heaters: compact steam-to-water or water-to-water heater units. Each employs a compact, vertical, double wall U-tube heater exchanger designed to make sure that the primary and domestic water flows don't occur without prior warning. Aerco's Innovation series of hot water heaters is the new standard for their market leading ingenuity. The Innovation is a highly efficient tankless water heater that delivers instantaneous hot water with no storage tank or standing water that has to be heated up and then mixed down. With a reliable, scale-resistant heat exchanger and a compact footprint, the Innovation provides energy savings and lower operating costs. The Innovation is specifically designed to fit through most doorways, making it a perfect retrofit for those jobs in which space and accessibility are a factor or a leaking storage tank simply cannot be replaced without removing part of a wall.

The new AM series water heater also provides instantaneous hot water, utilizing multiple heat exchangers within a single package. These units do require a storage tank; however, for the sake of convenience, the AM Rapid Recovery unit is designed with a built-in storage tank so everything is bundled into one neat, compact compartment. AM skid packages are also available so you can wheel in the unit, center it under the connections, drop it in place and go.

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Radiant Heat & Unit Heaters from Sterling

Sterling radiant heat radiators unit heaters radiator manufacturer Indiana Fink & Company

Sterling has the most complete line of finned tube heating elements and enclosures, as well baseboard radiation systems in the industry. They are members and meet the strict industry performance requirements of the Hydronic Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers (IBR). All Sterling finned tube performance ratings are based on IBR testing or are IBR approved.

Sterling's hot water and steam unit heaters come in a wide variety of sizes to fit a number of applications. Typically used in warehouses, storage rooms and various other applications, these units utilize a centralized boiler system to deliver the heat where it is needed.

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Fan Coil Units from International Environmental

Hydronic fan coils coil units custom coils HVAC coils Indiana Fink & Company

IEC is the leader in hydronic fan coils and offers one of the largest selection of products. They feature several horizontal and vertical systems, modular hi-rise and belt-driven fan coils. Innovative products, such as RestoraMod cuts the replacement time for hotel room fan coils by over fifty percent. Energy-saving HVAC products and features include ECM motors and closed cell insulation, for even higher Indoor Environmental Quality or IEQ.

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Steam Equipment from Watson McDaniel


HVAC steam equipment Watson McDaniel steam equipment Indiana Fink & Company

It's essential to remove condensate and air from your system, and returning condensate to the boiler house minimizes energy consumption. We can assist you in improving your steam plant efficiency with Watson McDaniel's vast line of steam equipment. From steam traps to heat exchanges and most everything between, your steam can run smoother and cost you less with the proper equipment in place. Since 1878, Watson McDaniel has manufactured their products in the USA, allowing for shorter lead times and more competitive pricing on your steam equipment needs.  

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Expansion Joints from Hyspan

Hyspan Expansion Joints HVAC Expansion Joints Indiana Fink & Company

Hyspan designs and manufactures a large variety of products related to industrial piping across several industries. Most of these applications involve absorbing thermal expansion or contraction. There are other applications as well, such as seismic isolation and relative motion compensation for gas tank and building settlement.

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Chilled Beams from NuClimate

Chilled Beams for Heating and Cooling HVAC Chilled Beams Indiana

Induction, or chilled beams eliminate the need for loud electric motors when cooling or heating a space. This is a quiet, efficient way to provide a comfortable room temperature. All the air circulating in the room is created solely by the induction principal within the terminal.

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Custom Coils from Temtrol

Custom Coils Temtrol Coils HVAC Replacement Coil Indiana Fink & Company

All Temtrol coils are made of the highest quality materials, manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure the finest quality HVAC coils, designed for long life and top performance. Just call Fink & Company and your replacement coil will be a worry of the past.

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The World’s Largest Manufacturer of ASME-Code, Duplex Stainless Steel Water Heaters.

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PVI specializes in medium to large capacity ASME water heaters for commercial and institutional buildings; including schools, hotels, hospitals, dormitories, apartments, correctional facilities and military barracks. Many of our products are “engineered-to-order” to exactly match the requirements of the application. We can also supply customized heaters for process water heating.

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